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Video: Why water, why now?

A short interview with Riparian’s Managing Partner and Chair Michael Blakeney on why water is an attractive alternative investment right now, discussing the uncorrelated nature and resilience of the asset class during COVID-19, as well as topical questions from the implications surrounding trade with China and the ACCC report.

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Webinar: Agriculture investments and the COVID-19 pandemic

In this webinar presentation, Riparian’s Managing Partner, Michael Blakeney, discusses tailwinds strengthening the outlook for Agriculture investments and how Riparian believes Agriculture investments should be structured in the current volatile market environment.

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RCP’s commitment to sustainability

Riparian Capital Partners recognises that, as a food and agriculture sector investor, we depend on a sustainable environment, prosperous communities and sound governance and that we are well positioned to positively contribute to improving environmental and societal outcomes.

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Media Release – Michael Blakeney joins RCP

Riparian Capital Partners Pty Limited (‘RCP’) has announced that Michael Blakeney has joined the team as a Managing Partner. Blakeney was formerly an Investment Director of the Blue Sky Real Assets division, where he was responsible for originating and managing investments across the agriculture sector.

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