‘Riparian’ refers to the area of land adjoining a body of water. At Riparian Capital Partners (‘RCP’), our investments focus on applying our team’s extensive experience alongside patient capital to water and adjacent opportunities in agricultural and food production assets. In doing so we seek to unlock value and develop sustainable, diverse supply chains.

Specialist Water, Agriculture and Food Investment Firm

Riparian Capital Partners (‘RCP’) is a specialist Water, Agriculture and Food investment firm. Our objective is to deliver competitive sustainable returns to our stakeholders via long term investments across the Agricultural sector.

Highly Experienced Team of Investment Professionals

RCP is majority owned and controlled by its managing partners and staff, who have extensive experience spanning agribusiness, finance and asset management. The founding team members, who have worked together prior to establishing RCP, have successfully designed, raised, invested and exited institutional investment strategies.

Focused Agricultural Sector Investment Strategies

RCP focuses on investments backed by real assets critical to the production of essential goods – water, agricultural farmland, agri-infrastructure and food businesses. Characterised by long term production and investment lifecycles where patient capital is required and rewarded, RCP has clear and proven investment strategies to unlock value for investors in these sectors.

An affiliated fund manager of the Pinnacle Group

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