‘Riparian’ refers to the area of land adjoining a body of water. At Riparian Capital Partners (‘RCP’), our investments focus on applying our team’s extensive experience alongside patient capital to water and adjacent opportunities in agricultural and food production assets. In doing so we seek to unlock value and develop sustainable, diverse supply chains.

Our Story

Riparian Capital Partners Pty Limited (‘RCP’), a specialist Water, Agriculture and Food investment firm, was established with the specific purpose of identifying, acquiring and managing investments across the agricultural sector.

Our investment team has extensive experience in agriculture, finance and asset management, predominantly in Australia but also covering the United States and Asia-Pacific. The team has proven its ability to identify key areas for operational efficiency, expansion and re-development of assets while driving value through active management of water portfolios and exposures.

The investment strategies we execute on span the agricultural value chain. Water, the critical and capped input into Australian agriculture, forms a core investment focus of RCP.

Our founding partners all have a strong affinity with agriculture, having grown up on farms and in regional communities, studying agriculture at secondary and tertiary levels and having worked in the industry throughout their careers.

Our Approach

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, meaning water is inherently scarce and the limiting input into Australian agriculture. Our investment approach focuses on water, then flows across the agricultural sector into farmland and food infrastructure and agribusiness.    

Through our investments in water and our deep understanding of water markets, we access a vast array of adjacent opportunities through which we achieve sustainable returns and value creation for our stakeholders.

With increasing climate volatility and a growing world population, reliable sources of water have become critical in developing sustainable supply chains for food and fibre production. Our investments ensure that water is valued efficiently and therefore used in a manner appropriate for such a vital and scarce resource, in accordance with the stated aims of the National Water Initiative.

While water is a key foundation in all agricultural investments, we believe having aligned, competent operating partners with on the ground experience to be equally important. Without water, agriculture cannot be sustained and without the right operating partners, the true value of agricultural assets cannot be realised. Our broad networks and backgrounds across various sectors provide access to a range of trusted and proven operating partners, crucial to realising the full potential of any agricultural investment. Our deep specialist agriculture and water domain expertise when combined with broad networks and adequate (and patient) capital, provides the ability to identify, invest and unlock value in opportunities that regionally focused operators and foreign capital providers at times overlook or are not able to execute on.

Our business is structured to ensure complete alignment of outcomes between all our stakeholders, be they investors, operating partners or team members. We believe in being narrowly focussed on food, water and agriculture with no appetite for distractions or reputational damage.

Our mission is to provide long term, sustainable returns for all our stakeholders.

An affiliated fund manager of the Pinnacle Group

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